Aerosol Therapy : Traditional & New Drugs Essay

Aerosol Therapy : Traditional & New Drugs Essay

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Aerosol Therapy: Traditional & New Drugs in Aerosol Medicine
Aerosol therapy in the past decade has evolved faster than its initial years after emerging as a primary form of treatment in respiratory diseases involving both congenital and acquired diseases. This type of inhalation therapy focuses on the delivery of the medications that have been directly or indirectly injected into the lower and upper airways for either local or systemic effects. The greatest advantage of aerosol therapy is the ability to treat patients with smaller doses which, over time, yields minimal adverse effects for non-specific drugs, along with being the most rapid in treatment response time. Modern aerosol medications are made to be compatible with certain devices, such as metered dose inhalers, dry powered inhalers, and nebulizers, each of which have certain advantages and disadvantages depending on appropriateness of delivery and treatment. The particle size of these different applicators are crucial in deciding the location in the body in which the drug is to be delivered.

An aerosol is a suspension of liquid or solid particles in a carrier gas. Aerosol therapy is the delivery of an aerosol drug to the body via the airways by delivering it in an aerosolized form. The advantages of this form of drug delivery is that higher concentrations of it are delivered which means an increase in effective absorption in the airways, thus reducing systemic adverse effects. Aerosol therapy is capable of prophylactic and acute management of patients with various pulmonary diseases. Increasing amounts of bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory agents are conjured specifically for use as aerosol therapy. Some drugs are only active therapeutically when they ar...

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...COPD have been managed with many advances in the field. Technological tweaks and improvements of aerosol generators from 3D printing and different formulations of aerosol drugs are now available to practicing therapists. However, the delivered amount of inhaled drug at the site of action is still considerably less when compared to intravenously administered drugs. Metered dose inhalers with or without valved spacers have been noted as the preferred devices for the current aerosol generation. This applies for patients residing in both hospital settings as well as patients with COPD living at home. Nebulizers provide continuous drug administration and the device of choice during emergencies. New aerosol drugs, such as Insulin, are also emerging in modern administration. Any developments are likely to improve drug therapy effectiveness for various respiratory diseases.

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