The Aerial Bombing Of Germany Essay

The Aerial Bombing Of Germany Essay

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The aerial bombing by the Allied forces on Germany and her conquered lands proved to be a historic event that would be remembered for generations after the second Great War. The multitude of reasons for why the Allied aerial bombing was so significant cannot be simplified to just a war-ending strategy, but for reasons of wartime consequences such as social disruption, inhumane destruction, and vengeful retaliation. To simplify, the horrific and gruesome Allied aerial bombing on the German territory disintegrated the vail of honor sported by the Allied powers, and exposed an unforeseen social fear by the German people from the attacks. In Thomas Childers’ article, “ “Facilis decensus averni est” The Allied Bombing of Germany and the Issue of German Suffering” investigates the atrocities that the Allied powers committed when bombing Germany. Childers digs further into how and why the Allied powers committed such acts, even when they (the Allied Powers) had a clear understanding that they would defeat Germany relatively shortly into their bombing affair. Interestingly enough, Neil Gregor explains in his article, “A Schicksalsgemeinschaft? Allied Bombing, Civilian Morale, and Social Dissolution in Nuremberg, 1942-1945”, the significance of the bombings behind German lines, and how the Nazi government used these bombings to try and entice support and promise their citizens ultimate protection and defense from the bombings. Both of these articles provide a careful analysis on how the Allied aerial bombings conceived social and inhumane consequences that would last for generations after the conclusion of the war.
According to Childers’, the goals for the aerial bombardment were clear cut: “Breaking German morale...destroying Germany’s w...

... middle of paper ...

...ermany’s fight against the Allies even though it did more devastation that good.
The Allied aerial bombing in Germany not only proved to be a significant factor in the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, but also a painful reminder of that its atrocities that often go overlooked. The American and British retaliation and vengeance for Germany proved to be a leading factor in the bombing and their negligence of any civility towards German civilians. Moreover, the social consequence from these bombings are felt on both the Axis and Allied sides. From the disconnect of brute warfare and civility from the Allied side to the intentional ignorance of attacks from the German side, proves that these aerial bombings did not influence just one party. These bombings destroyed infrastructure, murdered people and reestablished the idea that war can never be humane and civil.

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