The Aeneid : The Rise And The Downfall Of Rome Essay

The Aeneid : The Rise And The Downfall Of Rome Essay

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In The Aeneid there are rich implemented principles such as fate, discipline, and competition which greatly influenced the Roman empire causing it’s rise from obedience to the principles as well as it’s fall from disobedience. Virgil lived during the dawn of the rising sRoman empire, and his book was a catalyst to the greatness that grew within the nation. The Aeneid focused around the principle that fate’s power and dominance overrule human life, which in turn would bring indolence or proactivity depending on the individual’s capacity. Although fate can easily be ripped down as a belief it did many great things for the Romans whether it is real or not. Unfortunately the themes of deceit and trickery also crept into the book’s contents, which would be a leading cause of Rome’s fall. The rise and the downfall of Rome were effected by the many principles in the Aeneid which has shown the power this text had on the people. A positive principle however was the great competition and desire to be great that originated in the games that Aeneas and his men perform. This would later build a type of mastery that would drive many people onward in their professions. The Aeneid is the foundation of Roman literature and builds western civilization even today, so many of the principles found therein have been passed even to our present day.
Fate is only empowering and good for men if it requires discipline to succeed in it’s course. The idea that one’s destiny is already determined is both comforting yet brings dismay because it leaves a feeling of powerlessness which is fine for the lazy but painful for the proactive. This idea is surely a failure among principles but even so the role of fate is not completely limited to these terms and ideas....

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...nes as have been mentioned were put into the Aeneid with the purpose to build rome, and their effectiveness was completely based on the people’s adherence to the principles themselves. Fate bombarded the Roman people’s minds as a pressing idea and was completely conditional upon their restraint to passions. Since discipline was such a respected trait it was displayed in the stages of competition. This text was a great piece of literature that acted as extremely powerful communicational implementation of beliefs. History has proven that a core book is kept in most civilization’s religions or societies (The Bible, The Torah, etc.), and The Aeneid built it’s way to being one of the greatest core books of Rome. Being focused on foundational precepts The Aeneid changed the course of the Roman empire for good, and thus we see the grandeur of powerful literature in history.

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