Essay on The Aeneid Of The Roman Epic

Essay on The Aeneid Of The Roman Epic

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Publius Vergilius Maro most famously known as Virgil, was known as one of Rome 's greatest poets of the time that Augustus commissions his writing of the Roman epic, The Aeneid. Like all epics, The Aeneid uses certain conventions or traditional techniques: an invocation to the Muse; the beginning in media res (in the middle of things); the catalogue of heroes; epic games; and the epic simile. In The Aeneid, after the Trojan wars destruction, born a great hero, Aeneas, who was search for his identity and Rome. The Virgilian epic poem is a paratactic. Aeneas is from Troy, he is the son of Venus and Anchises, and he is the father of Ascanius. The Aeneid is to say that Aeneas is an idealized version of Augustus. The Aeneid is used as a tool to promote valuable identity of Roman self during the period of transition during the Augustan Age, Aeneas, himself reflect Roman values during the Augustan Age and Aeneas’ journey reflective the history of Rome and how they come to be.
How is the Aeneid used as a tool to promote a valuable identity of Roman self throughout a period of transition during the Augustan Age?
The Aeneid is used as a tool to promote valuable identity of Roman self in the period of transition during the Augustan Age. The Augustan Age was when Octavian Augustus, the nephew of Julius Caesar ruled from the 31 B.C.E and he also established the era of Pax Romana. Pax Romana or “Roman Peace" is roughly a two hundred year period of peace, established by Augustus, the first ever emperor of Roman Empire. The Aeneid is very strong in its presentation of what we’ve come to see as traditional Roman values, the virtues of severities, sobriety, and especially pietas/ Pius. The poem begins with an invocation to the poet’s Muse, Aenei...

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... The Aeneid is a support of Roman valuable identity. Aeneas, himself reflect Roman values and his journey reflect the history. It is certainly amazing how cultures can withstand the tests of time: conquest, disaster, the rising and falling of empires and people. One of the most famous empires is ancient Rome. Vigil interlock history with poem. A semi legendary creation to tell the tale of the founding of Rome in the awakening of the Empire. Octavian turned his attention to the political and social problems of Rome, retooling the city 's political structure and relieving the populace through grain doles and entertainment. For the first time in nearly three generations, civil war in Italy had ceased, and Octavian was credited for having "brought the world back from chaos" (Hainsworth 88). Hainsworth, J.B. The Idea of Epic. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991

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