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The Aeneas And Sir Gawain Essay example

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Though Aeneas and Sir Gawain may be from different areas of the world, and even from vastly different time periods, they do share many qualities with one another, as well as many differences. Some of the qualities that Aeneas and Sir Gawain share are their loyalty and dutifulness, and piety. There are many differences as well, and some of those include their military standing, and their religious affiliation.

In both characters loyalty and dutifulness is a central ideal that they stick to. In The Aeneid Aeneas’ loyalty and sense of duty is seen in many instances, such as when they arrive on the shores of Italy and takes refuge Dido’s city of Carthage. While there, Aeneas and his people feast and live well, and Aeneas has the opportunity to stay there to marry Dido and rule Carthage along side her. Instead of staying and settling in Carthage, Aeneas and his community decide to stick to their original mission to found Rome. This show that he is loyal to his people because even though they had the chance to stay in Carthage, it may not have ended well and his people knew that their fate was to settle in Italy, where their ancestors are from. This is shown when Aeneas tells his crew what the gods told him, “New generations called it Italy After their leader. Our true home is there, Dardanus came from there, and Iasius, Forefathers of our people” (231-234). This shows Aeneas’ loyalty to his people as well as his commitment to his journey to their destined land of Italy. This loyalty and duty-bound attitude is seen as well in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Sir Gawain is a knight of the round table and is loyal to his uncle, King Arthur. His loyalty to his king is shown when the Green Knight comes in and challenges one person from A...

... middle of paper ... god for everything. God is not as present in Sir Gawain’s time as it was in Aeneas’ time, he did not play a direct part and come down and speak to Gawain throughout the story as Aeneas’ gods did. Though they may not be the same religion, they are both faithful in their gods and show that throughout the story.

In the end, as is the case with many people, though Aeneas and Sir Gawain may have many differences, there is also many indifferences that set them apart from one another. Sir Gawain and Aeneas share many views, including their loyalty in their people and their adherence to their duties, as well as their faith in their deities, but they also differ in many key ways such as their military experience and their military rank, and they also differ in the religious experience that they go through, from simple praying to full blown walks through the underworld.

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