Advocacy For The Clay Hunt Sav Act Essays

Advocacy For The Clay Hunt Sav Act Essays

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workers chose to work with the VA their call to action can become even more intense, but it is just as important if not more so since veterans usually begin their journey of care at the VA.
Professional Organizations
IAVA – Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is an organization that I plan on joining to help veterans. (IAVA, 2014) Is a leading post-9/11 veteran empowerment organization (VEO) with an incredibly varied membership. Organizations such as this are critical in that they don’t just function as a means of support for the veteran community, they empower them as well. (IAVA, 2014) is also engaged in veteran politics and was involved recently in advocacy for the Clay Hunt SAV Act which focused on veteran suicide prevention.
Lone Star Veteran’s Association – I plan on joining this particular organization as well. I will be keen to join not just organizations at a national level, but at a local level as well. If I continue to stay in Texas this will be critical to focus help within the state of Texas and assist individuals and communities locally. (Lone Star Veterans Association, 2015) mission is to prevent and assist with veteran unemployment, substance abuse, family issues, homelessness, crime and suicide by facilitating direct and inventive programs.
The Soldiers Project – The very organization that inspired me with as a volunteer is one that I will be keen to devote my time to once I receive my clinical license. I want to someday counsel veterans and help them get the assistance they need that is so critical for survival once they return home should they need guidance. (The Soldiers Project, 2015) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization devoted to providing free, confidential psychological services to U...

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... with individuals the more I feel like I made the right choice in leaving New York to come and be a part of SFA’s MSW program. I can see it in the faces of those I connect with and feel it in the connections I make. Many fellow veterans continue to open up to me about their raw wounds and are eager to share their stories about what they went through. The stories never leave you and leave an indelible mark. They also continue to ignite my passion and drive to pursue avenues to help and assist with this sometimes misunderstood population. I look forward to the road ahead and the challenges it presents. I am confident though that I am getting a solid social work discipline foundation laid for myself through SFA’s MSW program. This will help me get to where I need to be and to help me assist veterans with getting the help and resources they so desperately need.

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