Advice for the Millennial Job Seeker Essay examples

Advice for the Millennial Job Seeker Essay examples

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No one is perfect and my representation here of a Millennial candidate and Boomer hiring manager isn’t either. However, recently I read an article in the New York Times about a 37% unemployment rate for the Millennial generation. This is for the recent graduate who is still living at home, surfing the ‘net and trying to find a job.

While you are looking:

1. Build your personal brand online everyday. Build a public portfolio of anything you have ever worked on that is relevant to your job search. Write a good bio for the site and don’t be verbose. Put it on a new website like Wordpress, Squarespace or VisualCV. Link it to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts that have completed profiles. Be responsible with your public brand. Don't write anything on any social site that detracts from an image of professionalism. You can be funny without looking like you're out of control. Clever writing is good, stupid behavior makes it easy to filter you out.
2. Find someone in the company who can help you. Networking is a beautiful thing. An executive placement executive once told me that seventy-five percent of jobs are found because of knowing someone in the company. Doing a little front end work can open doors and move you to the top of the pile. Encourage your parents and their friends to ask around for you.
3. Look informed. Research your targeted industry or profession at least once a week and even write about it if you want. Use a grammar checker and spell checker to protect your personal brand. Run it by a trusted friend who can write before posting. Provide links to your articles or blogs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Businessweek Exchange. Worst case is you will become a better writer and comm...

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...e window thinking she deserves better things? If I see the look of a hungry and dedicated employee, that candidate just moved me.

Life doesn’t automatically become magical because you landed a specific job. There have been many employees fooled in the interview or had no idea it was as good as it was. Life gets better because you are progressing based on principles of being smart, working hard and playing fair that transcend all other decisions. No one is asking you to earn the right to be an astronaut. You're just trying to get a job in a company that offers opportunity where you will meet new people expanding your professional network. Sitting at home surfing the Internet and looking for the perfect job is epic failure. The Internet is a wonderful tool but it’s not paying much and it may be costing you plenty. Go get a job so your journey can begin.

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