Advertisments of Skyy Vodka Essay

Advertisments of Skyy Vodka Essay

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Skyy Vodka is constantly releasing suggestive advertisements. The advertisements always appeal to sex and often promote the sexual benefits of drinking Skyy Vodka. On this paper two Skyy Vodka advertisements will be analyzed.
The first ad is entitled “The Antagonist.” This ad adheres to the usual standards of Skyy advertisements, and it has an underlying theme of white, male supremacy and the female threat to that power.
To attract attention, this advertisement utilizes a visual headline, which is simply the product name – enough to grab people’s attention. In the left foreground there is the picture of the product, a Skyy Vodka bottle sitting next to a martini on a table, which represents the headline. In order to create interesting the body copy of this advertisement shows a scene portrayed by the man and the woman. The scene of the advertisement takes place at night in a sky-rise apartment in some thriving metropolis. In the apartment, the drapes are for now pushed aside while a woman, perhaps in her 20s, stands straddling a man, with an indefinable age, sitting on a chair with only his legs and forearm visible.
In addition, in order to generate excitement there is the whole power game going on in the scene as well. The man holds a martini and the woman holds a drink mixer while seductively looking into the mystery man’s face. The man is wearing a business suit and the woman wears the clichéd “black dress” and black hills. Both the male and the female are Caucasian.
Furtheremore, the ad utilizes the sex appeal element to induce action. The main appeal to sex is made by the body language between the man and the woman, as the man’s legs are in between hers and her posture and leering facial expression which sc...

... middle of paper ...

...mately a depiction of the battle of the sexes for supremacy. Though at first glance, the woman is depicted as the inferior while she caters to the man, and is also quite devalued as a person wearing revealing clothing, there is an underlying competition between the man and woman, emphasized by the colors and symbols. The woman uses sex and alcohol to weaken the man, attempting to gain some dominance in the man’s world seen through the window. Yet from the advertisement’s title, it is seen that the actions of the female are “antagonistic.” The woman is criticized for her techniques at achieving power yet the male is not criticized for objectifying women or using them to fulfill sexual fantasies. While an advertisement for Skyy Vodka, this advertisement presents the world of a successful, white male and warns him against the young seductress, desperate for power.

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