Essay on Advertising Targeted to Children

Essay on Advertising Targeted to Children

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It is an irrefutable thing more and more people today are spending money on brand name items and the multibillion dollar organizations are making more and more money every day because of advertisement. It seems as if everywhere you go there is some kind of advertisement present, whether if it’s on the side of a bus on a billboard or on the back of a milk carton. Promotion of items has been occurring since the birth of bartering, advertisement is an unavoidable thing especially in today’s modern society. As adults we can make decisions on our own to not be manipulated by advertisement we encounter today but what is the there to regulate advertisement aimed to children in today’s society? In order to control advertisement targeted to children the government must set up laws to regulate what is shown because if advertisement goes unregulated the hidden effects and causes will lead our children to a variable amount of things such as health, poor future decisions and even a child’s behavior.
According to CBS News In 1983, companies spent $100 million marketing to kids. Today, they're spending nearly $17 billion annually. Companies are spending more and more advertising towards children because the fact that they have an almost limit less supply of cash. Companies know that if a child were to ask a parent for a certain toy the parent would feel reluctant to buy, that’s if the toy was marketed right. Advertising has become elusive in its nature it is not traditionally just a commercial selling an object in some commercials there are said to have subliminal messages encoded. Subliminal messages are placed in commercial in order to convince the subconscious that the desired object is needed and because of this our children at risk. The ...

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.... Advertisement is revolutionizing it is not bound the sheer basis of television and radio, advertisement can now be found on the internet on the freeway on benches. Advertisement is becoming very aggressive towards children in order to gain the market they produce. Children are at being affected by the tactics of advertisement companies and the agencies need to be regulated through law and penalties need to be sentenced for the breaking of laws.

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