Essay about Advertising On The Internet : Search Engine Optimization

Essay about Advertising On The Internet : Search Engine Optimization

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When it comes to advertising on the Internet, search engine optimization receives plenty of attention. This is certainly appropriate, but one disadvantage of this way of getting your website in front of qualified prospects is that it can take time for a particular company 's site to creep up to the top of the search results pages even if one has excellent optimization. This is where pay-per-click marketing enters the picture. Due to Google being the largest search engine in the world, its Adwords PPC program, which started in 2000, is the one most often talked about when the conversation turns to this form of advertising. Basically, you decide how much you are willing to pay each time a customer clicks on your little ad depending on the search phrase they entered to load the page showing your ad. There are some other factors that control the placement of your ad, but as a general rule, the more you pay the higher your ads placement. This has the potential to get your listing for a website higher up in the search engines immediately, but on Google, you certainly have to be willing to pay a steep price to get your ad to appear on the first page. Given their search traffic, many small businesses may feel priced out of Google Adwords by large corporations that seem to have bottomless Adwords budgets. It is helpful to consider some alternatives to this platform. Some may be easier for smaller companies to break into and offer a mix of other advantages and disadvantages.

Bing Ads

In 2010, Yahoo! and Microsoft joined forces and combined their existing PPC programs into Bing Ads to compete with Google. Advertising on Bing Ads helps you reach the majority of the remaining search market that is not using Google. Their ad network gives ad...

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...e are other pay-per-click advertising channels available, however, these are all going to have far less traffic than those mentioned above. Any analysis of which pay-per-click network may be best for your business will also have a lot to do with what industry that business is in. For example, because Bing Ads is tied in with Yahoo! and, their network gets plenty of ad clicks from people looking at Yahoo! Finances and MSN Money. This results in a higher percentage of clicks under terms having to do with business and financial services. Similarly, a product that is very eye-catching when actually seen by a potential customer may lend itself better to an ad on YouTube. When a pay-per-click campaign is managed properly, any of the major alternatives to Google Adwords above can help get a company 's website found by qualified traffic that converts into customers.

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