Advertising Of The American Newspaper Advertising Agency

Advertising Of The American Newspaper Advertising Agency

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Advertising in the US
Since the twentieth century, advertising had turned a new leaf. Newspapers and magazines published advertisements since 1700s and the first advertising agency in the US was formed in 1850. The American Newspaper Advertising Agency was begun with the aim of buying advertising space in newspapers rather than encourage innovative campaigns. The first advertising agency that functioned in the way current agencies function was begun in 1869 and was named N.W. Ayer & Sons in Philadelphia. The main intention then was to disseminate information and carry news of something. In the 1800s the meaning of advertising changed to spreading of news of the availability of goods and services being advertised (Bill Bryson, na).
Right from the early stages of advertising, advertisers have continually felt the need for attractive slogans to attract the attention of people. Several memorable and most effective slogans were used in the 1900s and the most unique thing about slogans was that “it didn’t have to be accurate to be effective”. For instance, Coco-Cola first had the slogan “the drink that makes a pause refreshing”, however, it was reworded later to “the pause that refreshes” as it was more memorable than the first slogan. Thus, the slogans had to be memorable rather than being accurate. This way, the early objectives of advertising was to make a memorable statement or impact in the minds of viewers in order to convince them to buy a product (Bill Bryson, na).
Several people responded positively to Woodbury’s Facial Soap with its slogan “The skin you love to touch”. The advertisements are always convey a message that people are most attracted to. For instance, Woodbury’s slogan gave the assurance to people that their s...

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...n a naïve viewers watches the advertisement or comes across this slogan, they would come to think that they must try Advil the next time they need pain killers and not think of treating the cause of the pain (William Lutz, 1990).
Thus, advertisers these days try to capture the interest of the audience to leverage the power of their interest and sell their product instead of the traditional objective of informing the audience of the presence of a product in the market or create an awareness about the product among audience. In the world of cut-throat competition where almost every product has a competition, advertisers are pushed to advertise this way and overlook the ethics of advertising, let alone stop making false claims. In order to justify their claims, they use different words and make viewers believe that the product will make them happy (William Lutz, 1990).

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