Advertising Media Planning and Buying

Advertising Media Planning and Buying

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The timeslot was recorded on the Tuesday the 1st of April 2014 from 7:30-8:30pm. Throughout the one-hour timeslot that was recorded there were four commercial breaks ranging from 3 minutes 50 seconds to 4minutes 20seconds, the program in which was broadcasting during this time period was The Block Fans verses Favourites. The commercials recorded can be broken into three segments Home-Improvement, Health Care and Self-Improvement and Upcoming Programs. The Block is targeted primarily at adults between the ages of 25-45 of middle social economic class.

The Block is an Australian reality television program that airs on Channel Nine Network. The series follows four couples as they compete to renovate or rebuild the best house over the courses of 8 weeks for auction. The series premier on the 27th January 2014, the program is currently in its final weeks on air with the series final on Monday 7.30pm the 7th April 2014 (Jump-in, 2014). The Block is currently in its 8th season, with the season theme Fans verse Favourites. The series has brought back past competitors from previous series winners ‘Favourites’ of The Block and but them up against new competitors ‘Fans’. The program airs every Monday – Friday night 7.30-8.30pm, also Sunday night 6.30-7.30pm on Channel Nine Network from the 27th January 2014 to the 7th April 2014 (Jump-in, 2014). The commercial breaks can be segmented into four commercial slots of four minutes, raging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds slots. Within the hour timeslot recorded there were forty commercials viewed with two thirds of advertising commercials recorded were only record once, one third of the commercial recorded had either their brand or product appear at least twice during the one-hour recording period. Higher frequency the average number of exposures to people reached by the advertising campaign increase the like hood of the consumer retaining. The commercials can be segmented into three categories, Home-improvement, Healthcare and Up-Coming Program’s. The Block is a reality Home-improvement program that the consumer can relate to, the commercials of home-improvement are a call to action for the consumer to also get involved, 17% of the commercial advertised during the hour time slot relate to home-improvement through either suppliers Rybio, The Good Guys refurnishing, or Masters Hardware Store. The second segment record was Healthcare and improvement; this includes diet Products with Light and Easy, Health Insurance with iSelect and Vitamins with Natures Own. This Segment contributed to 20% of the free to television.

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The Third segment is upcoming programs this was the largest segment with 38% of commercials this style. Commercial is also a way for the network to promote upcoming programs, news and events. Most advertisement within this segment had a higher frequency with the product or company displaying more than once during the hour period. Not all commercials fitted under these three segments but they give an overview of the hour.

Through the series of The Block the program also had two Major sponsors Miter Ten and Delmont tiles. Miter Ten would be the primary major sponsor of the program, they have sponsored the block and a large percentage of The Block tools, and requirements, suppliers, tradesman and internal marketing on the program are for MITRE Ten. Through out the length of the series MITRE Ten along with The Block have been promoting “Dob in a Delayer”. The Blocks sight Foreman “ Keith ‘ being the face of the campaign. The incentive to promote towards primalriy females to Dob in their delaying partners, Miter Ten offer to win their first project suppliers free. The Block’s second media endorsements were Delmont tiles through out the competition, all tiles, flooring, pavement and a range of feature piece materials are sourced through Delmont Tiles. The company has also sourced gift vouchers to competitors.
The program is scheduled for prime time to have optimum reach; The Block has won most popular reality program in 2012 and 2013 (, 2014). On a daily basis the television program sees over 1.7 million tuned into view the series, last week it was ranked as the 3rd highest viewers. The Block
Media planning “prices change frequently based on supply/demand, and media rates are always negotiable, real estate in the best neighborhood/location” (, 2014). The Block could sell commercial space at a higher price at the upcoming auction on Monday the 7th of April 2014, last year The Block Auction Generated the Second highest program viewing of last year with over 4million people tuned into watch the winner being announced the information. (, 2014).

Through Market segmentation we are able to analysis the hour timeslot of commercial free to air television, is the dividing of the total market into its constituent parts by some method (D.Cahill, 2006, Lifestyles and Segmentation.) In recent times it has become mandatory for marketers to segment their market, due to the expanding range of media available, different types of people must be targeted in certain ways. The three main segments for this market are Socio-Demographic, Psychographics and Geographic The Socio-demographic approach is designated by age, race, sex, income etc. It operates on the basis of people who share similar demographic characteristics will operate in a similar way (D.Cahill, 2006, Lifestyles and Segmentation.) The Blocks target market shows are primary adults aged between 25-45, who lives in suburban areas and of middle-income families (Jump-in, 2014). Adults aged between 25-45 years predominately watch television in the evening after work, also known as prime time (, 2014). Both partners are likely to work, with children. They can afford such added extras as life insurance, going out for dinner and a movie on the weekend. The commercials in which were shown within the hour period were targeted at a young families. The Block program though being full on and intense encourages the viewer to get started, Ryobi, The Good Guys and Myer offering specials on home and hardware. The Block also sponsored by Mitre Ten with ‘Dob in Delayer” this style of advertisement is a call to action. The psychographic segment, is a person’s activities, interests and opinions (D.Cahill, 2006, Lifestyles and Segmentation.) Furthermore this knowledge can lead to a prediction on consumer behavior and the likelihood of whether they will purchase your product or not. Consumer personality can be defined as a “totality of thoughts, emotions, intentions, and behaviours that a person exhibits consistently as he or she adapts to the environment” (Babin, Harris 2012, pg. 107). It can also be explained as a “person’s unique psychological makeup, which consistently influences the way a person responds to his or her environment” (Salmon 2009, pg. 218). Consumer personality is a behavioural theory and can be used to describe the significant effect behaviours have on the target segment of The Block. Due to The Block’s functionality they can work on the activities, interests and opinions of consumers to build common ground between the primary and secondary market, by helping strengthen the consumer relationship. The primary market of household appliance and hardware demonstrated through media advertising such as the Good Guys, Ryobi, Dare Gallery and Myer demonstrate how you can physically apply the lessons and interest you’ve learnt and developed from The Block particularly. Furthermore the Secondary market, as they may wish to bond with their consumer the advertisements give suggestions of alternatives to the consumer such as life insurance, health care and alternative upcoming programs. Through developing advertising campaigns that work on this strength would be highly effective. Geographic segmentation, is grouping based on location. Families make up both the primary and secondary markets for The Block and families are primarily based in the suburbs, so therefore commercials advertising that was on during the hour timeslot was relevant for consumer who live in the suburbs would be effective.

“TV networks… platform providers with each of their media brands being powerful vehicles in which to have conversations with consumers across multiple channels” (, 2014). Through segmenting television commercials appriotatelty to the program you are able to optimism the potential customer reach level. Observed within the hour time-slot 3 segments in which occurred Home-Improvement, Health Care and Self-Improvement and Upcoming Programs. These commercial styles were based on the target market strategies from The Block (Socio-Demographic, Psychographics and Geographic).

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