Essay on Advertising is Informative, Yet Manipulative

Essay on Advertising is Informative, Yet Manipulative

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Nowadays, advertisements are everywhere embedded in our daily life. They are powerful resources that inform people the latest news about a particular product or brand in many different ways. Most of the people are being able to get more information and detail of a product from media, radio stations, newspapers and internet. Even though advertising is a big informative source, it also can be considered as a marketing tool to control the mind and desires of the consumers to manipulate and persuade them to buy things they do not need.
First of all, there are many advertising can easily grab the consumers’ attention with something like ‘price appeals’. For instance, some of the advertiser like to create a sense of urgency with limited time offers to manipulate consumers. It basically explains that people are more emotionally attached to lose out on something than gaining it because no one likes to lose out on an amazing deal that is limited time offer. If the product is not bought before the end of the limited time offer, there is no other opportunity to purchase the product for lower price. Everyone loves sale price. If the products come out with lower prices such as buy six only for 20 dollars, the consumers would not satisfy just to buy six, conversely, they would feel more comfortable and satisfy, if they buy more than six. Therefore, they all would buy more and more than they should like grabbing all the things home. That is called crazy shopping. Besides, advertising something like ‘buy one get one free’ is also known as amazing deal that can control consumers’ desire to buy even more. This promotion is way too attractive to the consumers to get into it because it is interesting and catchy if there is something free. Nobody can ...

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...est news about the stores from internet at once. That is called internet advertising. Most of the advertisements can be found on Facebook, a world famous communication website. So that people can always easily know about the information of a product. However, there are a few methods that might manipulate consumers in online shopping to buy something they do not need that much, such as free shipping, promotions and higher rated products. Some retailers usually manipulate consumers into buying more to get free shipping. Even the promotions and higher rated products can attract consumers into it as well.
In conclusion, I believe that the advertising can affect and manipulate consumers to buy things they do not actually need. Nevertheless, if we want to buy something, our decision-making processes will be additionally influenced by our income, relatives and lifestyle.

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