Advertising Is A Universal Language Essay

Advertising Is A Universal Language Essay

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Advertising is a universal language with a sole purpose, to target consumers and sell.
Advertisements have become an important part of pop culture and are ubiquitous in daily life.
Looking through various cologne advertisements it becomes evident of the various themes that appear through each advertisement. Cologne advertisements are overly sexualized and appeal to the desires that men have such as, longing attention, impeccable looks, sex, and wealth.
Just like women, men are also driven by the media to be flawless and attractive (Lovejoy). For example, In Giorgio Armani’s cologne advertisement the man on the page is half naked with a six pack. It appeals to men that are not attractive or that are not currently fit. It yells to the viewer, “If you do not spray this on your skin on a regular basis, you will not have this body.” Furthermore, all the cologne advertisements have one element in common. All the models are either white or tan. For instance, when looking at three different advertisements for different colognes by Calvin Klein a remarkable number of the male models have white skin or are a light tan color but are never anywhere near the spectrum of being dark skinned. Male models in the fragrance industry skin tones range from white to light tan causing male viewers to aspire to be identical to the male models with muscular bodies, and perfect chiseled features.
Cologne advertisers follow more than one trend when promoting products such as appealing to the yearning for attention, love, and sex. For example, in both a Giorgio Armani and Guess cologne advertisement, the woman is snuggled up alongside her male counterpart while he is looking straight at the camera. The male is oblivious of the woman and her efforts to s...

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...ressed in lavish attire with city lights shining behind them. Buying brand name items such as, Armani is associated with being prosperous in the business world. Brand name cologne can be bought at almost any department store, for example, Macy’s or Ross. When luxury goods can be bought by the general public it becomes an incentive for the middle class citizens who want to excel in life. For instance, if a middle class man sees the Giorgio Armani advertisement and then heads out to a department store and sees the same product that was advertised he will recall the advertisement and consider buying the product because the brand and because wants to be just as extravagant as those people in the advertisement. Cologne advertisers follow a variety of trends to attempt to appeal to the consumer, especially the ambitions of males to have an extraordinary life full of riches

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