Advertising Is A Huge Part Of Our Lives Essay

Advertising Is A Huge Part Of Our Lives Essay

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As stated in Kitis’ journal ‘Ads- Part of our lives’ (2012), ‘Ads affect us all in different ways.’ (pg. 305). Advertising is reached to us at least one thousand times or more a day, whether we think about it or not. Mobile advertisement is now a huge part of our lives, especially being young adults. With technology on the rise, and every young adult owning and using a mobile phone, companies are taking advantage of the ever-growing trends and apps. Research from SmartInsight shows the average adult in Australia uses their mobile devices 2.8 hours a day. With this growing from 0.3 hours a day in 2008, it is obvious mobile usage is massively growing, and continues to grow.

Advertising is reached to us at least one thousand times or more a day, whether we think about it or not, it is still reaching out to us subconsciously. As stated in Kitis’ journal ‘Ads- Part of our lives’ (2012), ‘Ads affect us all in different ways.’ (pg. 305) The interesting part of it is that one ad that may jump out to me and make me really think or want the product might subconsciously stick with another, yet alter their decision or thought pattern when buying a product similar. It’s the fascinating way our mind works, and the interesting thought process put behind ads, whether it’s an emotional billboard photo we pass on the bus, or the background music on a radio ad on the drive to the station, we all react differently, but it still impacts our lives.

Overall advertising has one main aim, outlines in Antora Dutta’s text ‘Advertising – Its impact on society (2015), ‘Advertising is a mass marketing technique. Assorted techniques are used for advertising which persuades the consumers that why they need the product which is being advertised. T...

... middle of paper ... also a good article as it built on our narrow point of Sydney, and also journal to and from work or university, as outdoor advertising has become a much bigger market, and is continuing to grow in busy cities just like Sydney. It also details how consumers, being us, respond and view the advertisements, such as billboards and posters. Lastly, Jesse Jonathan’s ‘The search engine advertising market’ (2011), as well as Lee’s ‘Do web users care about banner ads anymore?’ (2010) was a good basis as he outlines the online realm, really detailing how ‘advertisement banners are adapting to social media, (Jonathan, pg. 233)’ and how people are taking in the new means of tactical placement in this ever growing medium. These, as well as other useful scholar sources, helped to back up the major overall question, and help build on ideas to support our findings and direction.

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