Essay on Advertising for Vogue Magazine

Essay on Advertising for Vogue Magazine

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Around every corner, there seems to be an advertisement for various products on the market. Whether it is a television commercial, radio commercial, internet advertisement, magazine advertisement, or billboard, advertisements are everywhere. Each advertisement is selling a supposed “new and improved” product designed for all of the different wants and needs of the people who populate this world. The products being sold differ from unnecessary desires, to items that are essential for living. For example, clothing is an essential for living, but the bigger majority of the population cannot afford to purchase top-notch brand names. Advertisements for clothing in Vogue Magazine are extremely different from the clothing advertisements that would found in the magazine Seventeen. Both well-known magazines are exploiting what is expected to sell to their target audience, but they are trying to attract and selling to two different target audiences. Considering Teen Vogue is striving to attract a more youthful audience, the Keds advertisement found in Seventeen would be a better fit for Teen Vogue instead of the Versace advertisement found in Vogue, because of its higher attraction to teenage females.
By Seventeen’s title, it’s easy to identify which age group the magazine is trying to attract. The bright colors, well-known younger celebrities, and printed features which include, “Girl Power!” and “The 17 Most Powerful Girls 21 & Under!” continue to show that Seventeen is trying to attract teenage girls to flip through their magazine. The front cover features Selena Gomez, who supports a shirt that says “CONFIDENT” in bold letters, inspiring teenagers to be confident and to live and follow their dreams.
Vogue Magazine is trying to reel i...

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...irational to younger teenage girls. Chances are slim that 13 to 17 year olds could afford a purchase from Versace, and Keds are more appealing to the teenage eye. Since teenagers are only so young for a certain amount of years, they need a more convenient and comfortable wardrobe over a more fashionable and expensive wardrobe. The Keds advertisement pictures teenage girls having a good time in their new shoes, while the Versace advertisement has a more serious tone, which is less appealing to teenagers. Fewer girls are able to afford purchasing a product from Versace, so the Keds advertisement would be more beneficial to fun than a Versace advertisement because Keds would attract more young female readers and bring more attention to Teen Vogue.

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