Advertising Durex Condoms in Egypt

Advertising Durex Condoms in Egypt

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Advertising and promotion:

Egypt ranks very high among developing countries, with 324 radios per 1,000 people, 122 television sets per 1,000, and 40 newspapers per 1,000. However, high costs of broadcast media advertising present a major obstacle, even when regulations prohibiting advertising for pharmaceuticals are waived. Some broadcast contraceptive advertising did appear for government and NGO services, but not commercial services. Pharmacies depend instead on outdoor signs, reaching limited audiences. Competition contraceptive alternatives are very limited. Female sterilization is unavailable except for specific medical conditions. Other women use pills or injectables.

Government participation at the market place:

Prices of all registered pharmaceuticals are controlled by the government. The price of any given contraceptive brand is usually the same, whether it is offered in the public, or commercial sector.
Condoms are the most used form of contraception in Egypt for un married couples. It is almost impossible to calculate the social marketing effect of condoms because of the above reason. Egypt there is one pharmacy for every 4,000 people meaning that the probability of accessing a condom is difficult.

5.Preliminary Marketing Plan:

1 ) The Marketing Plan :

A ) Marketing Objectives :
Targeted Market :
We are segmenting the market following the Mass Customization because condom is a contraceptive product used by 20 to 40 years old males. Durex condoms are providing a full product line to satisfy different needs and (love for young people, avanti for the people who has allergic to latex material)

2-3.Expected sales:
We are expecting to sell our product to males of an age range 20 to 40 years so we target less than half of the population in Egypt, in this case by informing the people about the advantages of using Durex.
We are planning to be leader of Egyptian market and maximize our income in the long-term period.

4.Market penetration and coverage:
We are using indirect exporting strategy for our business to Egypt.
Using the indirect exporting strategy is a common approach for mature international company such as Durex.
Knowing that we will beneficiate of the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Health represent a great advantage to succeeded in our market penetration.
We will ensure a wide spread coverage thanks to our local distributor.

B) Product adaptation or modification:

Our product is formed by three elements:
1-The core product or condom, which doesn't need and cannot to be adapted or modified
This because as a medical product which should prevent sexual transmissible diseases and as a contraceptive it's elaboration and production must follow specific steps use only some materials; and under go strict controls and international standards.

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2-A standard condom's pocket which may be of different colors stamped with our brand's name in diagonal; the pocket is made of a special waterproof, airtight ,hermetically sealed material.
This special standard pocket doesn't need any modification or adaptation and it is sold as it is all around the world.

3-The packaging which can be of different colors and carry different images depending on the line and special features of the product.

The packaging should be adapted to the country's cultural standards. For instance when exporting Durex to a country as Egypt we should take care to don't expose on our package images such as naked body parts or sexual allusive images.
An other essential modification of our package is the language used on the box and of the instruction.
The languages used should be Arabic which for instance is Egypt's national language and English the second most used language of the nation.

C . Promotion Mix:
The objective of our advertisement is to change the negative connotation that the Egyptian population may have toward condoms and to make males and couples adopt Durex as a natural and safe choice in their intimate relations.
For that we will collaborate with the Egyptian ministry of health as sponsors to a national campaign against HIV and other sexual transmissible diseases as well as a birth control program in the rural areas.
From this collaboration we will as well benefit from a presence in public hospitals and doctors studios .
For the media mix we will mainly focus on sponsor sing events such as governmental campaign, concerts of national stars against HIV.

We will not advertise on media as TV , news papers and radio because the cultural environment doesn't allow us .
As Ashraf Aser , UN collaborator for HIV awaken in Egypt , says that: "safe sex is not promoted out loud but the availability condoms is suggesting the same message".
The message that we want to communicate is that condoms are positives and may be use to protect from sexual diseases but as well as a normal contraceptive .
We want to make married couple and people older than 20-30 years old to feel comfortable using condoms .

We planned
for costs that for sponsoring events such as concerts we will attribute a budget of 1 million $ a year and we will contribute to the Ministry's campaign with 6 million dollars for the first 3 years.
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