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Advertising and Promotions Manager Essay

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When walking the streets of Milwaukee there are many surrounding advertisements. The advertisements may be for an event, product or service. Whatever the advertisements may be, it is for the consumer to see and for the advertisers to promote. Advertising is a form of communication to persuade or inform someone to perform a certain task. In an advertising agency, advertising and promotion managers deal with a variety of tasks to effectively implement a desired message. Advertising and Promotions Manager can either work for an agency managing clients that contract their services or in-house working for a company as a part of their advertising department. Either in-house or for an agency, advertising and promotion managers use communication as transaction to understand their coworkers, multiple departments, and clients.
To better understand how communication as transaction performs a crucial role for Advertising and Promotions Manager it would be best to look at what the job entails. Advertising and promotion managers have many duties in fulfilling required tasks such as planning, directing and coordinating strategic advertising. Strategic advertising are materials including posters, contests, coupons, give aways, to inform and generate interests in buying a product or service for an organization, company, or individuals seeking to expand their consumer audience. Along with the many duties of an Advertising and Promotions Manager, they also are involved with research, communication with clients, preparation, and implementation to successfully and accurately advertise the specific message (Advertising and Promotions Manager). For an Advertising and Promotions Manager there are many individual duties that supplement greater roles as...

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...structing coworkers, departments, and clients what needs to be accomplished.


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