Advertising And Its Effect On The Health Of A Society Essay

Advertising And Its Effect On The Health Of A Society Essay

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Advertising through the media, once restricted to only a few methods of reaching the public eye and ear, has grown as a practice at an alarming rate in the past few hundred years. Just in the U.S., it has evolved from being solely word-of-mouth to being transmitted by print, then roadside billboards, TV, and the radio, and finally by the most consuming of all sources - the Internet. With this spread has come conflict over whether advertising is a strong influence on the common member of society, and whether it influences them positively or negatively. However, as has been concluded by many different sources, advertising is dangerous: it exerts a potent influence over all sorts of potential buyers and, in addition to encouraging a shallow consumer culture, can negatively affect the overall health of a society.
It is important to note, first of all, that yes, advertising does have an effect, and quite a powerful one at that. This is not difficult to realize; after all, if advertising didn’t work, it wouldn’t have grown and invaded our society as much as it has. Advertisers aren...

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