Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising Essay

Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising Essay

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Intro: According to Yeshin’s definition of advertising, it is a paid-for message from an “identified organisation” which gives information about a product or service in order to influence consumers (Yeshin, 18). In today’s society, we live in a place where advertising surrounds us physically and digitally. The discourse of advertising is one worthy of discussion as it brings forth both concerns of stereotypical portrayals, manipulative and persuasive messages, obsession with materialism, lack of information, and use of sex appeal (Yeshin, 18).

Thesis: Pollay’s statement about the negative consequences of advertising should be noted as it provides discussion whether or not advertising and its consequences are beneficial or detrimental. This essay will discuss Pollay’s statement through the limitations of advertising in relation to Lynx’s use of sex appeal within their advertisements and campaigns. However, I will go further to argue the benefits of advertising through the discussion of the consumer and their interpretation of advertisements and how advertising and branding can overcome the information mountain. Finally, I will discuss the benefits of advertising and how it forces creativity for product advertising and branding through the example of Lynx. Within this essay I will use Yeshin’s article, Sex in advertising perspectives on the erotic appeal (2003) as my primary source for discussion.

Neg. Para 1: Within Yeshin’s article, Pollay suggests that one of the reasons to why advertising has profound consequences for consumers is its use of sex appeal. Take for example Lynx’s marketing campaign in 2006 (The Lynx Effect). The advert illustrates several thousand woman in bikinis running through a forest and swimming throug...

... middle of paper ...

...gative consequence can be true to a certain extent. Throughout the history of advertisement, the use of sex appeal and its ability to manipulate consumers to buy products still remains evident in today’s production of advertisement. However, to say that advertising has profound negative consequences such as being manipulative and persuasive through the use of sex appeal is just one side to the critical discussion of advertising. The use of branding within advertisement has beneficial consequences as it allows the viewer to overcome the information mountain. Furthermore, advertising forces creativity within the company’s brand and image, and possibly allows financial backing for non-profit organisations and causes such as ‘peace-one-day’. It seems that both the limitations and benefits of advertising lie with the consumer and their interpretation of the media text.

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