Advertising And Female Enhancement Supplements Essay

Advertising And Female Enhancement Supplements Essay

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In today’s society people try to be something that they are not and completely forget who they are due to the stereotypes and advertisement that has brain wash them. We see a lot of advertisement from TV, Billboards to magazines. Such advertisements have change how people look and think of themselves in many different perspectives. But the real problem is how advertisements use and identify females as sex objects, dumb and weak. The stereotypes are seen in both females and males but it takes a big impact in females by comparing them with sex objects and putting them down.
Advertisement takes a big role in today’s society from cosmetics for females to male enhancement supplements. Since the 1970s the advertisement industry has grown to what we see in today’s society. But even in the 1970s advertisement use females as sex objects to appeal to the masculine side. How do advertisements work and what are their purposes? Advertisements have a short amount of time to make an impression to its viewers in order for them to consider buying their products. They attempt to motivate consumers to purchase their products by using sexual appeal in such advertisements. According to Ivy McClure manager editor of Women’s Quarterly and Kate Kennedy campus project manager for the Independent Women’s Forum, states, “These kinds of campaigns are, subtle but they do pervade our inner consciousness” (p.1). What McClure and Kennedy trying to say is that both females and males are impacted by advertisement but it not only changes the way we see ourselves but also the way we think about ourselves. The advertisement industries have changed both the female and the male images and in today’s society this makes a big impact to stereotypes.
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...objects to catch the viewer’s attention of certain types of products. But such ads should change showing what females are really capable of being more than just the sex object, dumb blonde or the whimpering victim. Thus the change of this could lead to a decrease in the view of females as more than just and object use to sell another object. According to Toland and Mueller explain, over time the roles that females play in ads have change from sex objects to powerful independent characters (p.6). As a result this is what females need to represent strong and powerful independent characters that are capable and equal to what man can do.
To Conclude Women are more than just sex objects, they are capable of many things just as men are and that’s what ads need to focus on showing the strong and independent women. In the end we are all equal and capable of doing anything.

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