Advertising And Censorship Of Advertising Essay

Advertising And Censorship Of Advertising Essay

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Companies now have a difficult decision to compose about how they advertise. A few companies do not know if they should still use print advertising in fear that internet advertising is taking over and they also do not know whether internet print advertising or internet advertising will excel. There are a copious amount of pros, cons, and differences between their history, price, and how much they will be seen. When print advertisements started, merchants “...were far from convinced that the press was the best advertising medium, as hundreds of thousands of Britons did not read newspapers” (Advertising Age) but, as more Britons started to become more educated, merchants relied further upon print advertising to sell their products. Even when it was becoming an exceedingly efficient way of advertising products “many editors remained reluctant to admit that advertising provided a vital source of revenue.” (Advertising Age) Advertising was soon seen as a considerable source of revenue to newspaper publishers. These publishers begun to notice how much money advertisers are willing to spend so their advertisements would attract attention (Advertising Age). As a result of this, publishers were given much more freedom to raise prices until they were able to view advertisements as “...a vital source of revenue.” (Advertising Age) Advertising became even more cost-effective as the production costs decreased and, as companies were using more advertisements, they begun to realize that advertisements “...create desires in consumers.” (Advertising Age) In the 1880’s, advertisements including pictures begun to emerge in Britain. With that evolution in advertising, printing methods were improved so more complex pictures could be printed. Because o...

... middle of paper ... to obtain the consumer 's attention among the innumerable amount of other advertisements, the measurability is difficult to sort through due to the clicks being a mix of just “...impressions, click throughs or sales” (Rundquist) so companies cannot always tell if the advertisement completely worked, and there can be too many choices of websites to make sure it is the most effective one with the most of the targeted market (Rundquist). With an adequate amount of pros and cons for both print advertisements and internet advertisements, print advertisements will not disappear. They will not dissipate considering how print advertisements are found at bus stops, in magazines, on billboards, in magazines, at sport stadiums, everywhere. Also, print advertisements are more real to consumers. As a result of these reasons, print advertising will not disappear any time soon.

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