Essay Advertising : An Essential Part Of Any Business

Essay Advertising : An Essential Part Of Any Business

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The idea of commerce dates back to thousands of years. People trading goods started way before currency was created. As, time moved on, the idea of a free market structure enabled many to create opportunities for themselves. But, with increased competition in all industries, businesses had to come up with a way to “market” their products. The idea of marketing doesn’t only satisfy the needs of big corporation, but also small businesses. Advertising in general is an essential part of any business. David Ogilvy, a business man in the 1970’s whom people refer to as “the father of advertisement” said: “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” David tries to emphasize the importance of advertisement in the business world. However, David tries to also highlight the idea of the form of advertising. David Ogilvy was called the father of advertisement in the 1970s, but how would have happened if David lived in the 21st century with today’s technological advancement. Which brings us to the question of how was advertising influenced by technology?
Before assessing how technology was able to influence advertising. Let’s look at the structure of advertising before the development of radio, TV and the internet. Before, the advertiser was the salesperson himself. He didn’t go through any kind of advertising agency, or use advertising strategies. Because, people will only advertise the products they had. And they would do it directly. Because the option of advertising the company’s product on a big scale was not yet available to the advertiser, and if he advertiser wanted to expand his grounds, it would difficult because he doesn’t have the tool to do so. The salesperson would stand i...

... middle of paper ... come with interesting and appealing methods of advertising that appeal to consumers. Moreover, the internet was able to revolutionize the way advertisers approach consumers creating an effective intermediary between the business (advertisers) and the consumers. The internet also created the pathway for social media sites to emerge which also had a huge impact on the advertising industry. But, the question that rises is whether the internet became an advertising playground? And if so, is it overshadowing the useful information the internet has to offer. Ads are losing their value to customers due to the redundancy of the ads form and content. Especially that many websites who offers individuals free services will be loaded with inefficient and rather unpleasant ads. Conclusively, technology was able to transform advertising, but where is the line going to be drawn.

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