Essay on Advertising : An Effective Advertisement

Essay on Advertising : An Effective Advertisement

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Whether people realize it or not, advertisements are everywhere, from billboards to websites to magazines. Although ads are seen everywhere, only the ads that are considered effective are remembered by their audience and if the audience does the action that they are told to do in the ad, for example, “buy this”. In one ad, which was located on the interior of a shopping cart, there was an image of a young African child at the bottom of the cart begging for some food. Also, on the handle bar it said, “See how easy feeding the hungry can be?” along with the website where donations can be made towards feeding the hungry in South Africa. The message this particular ad is trying to get across is that some people may believe that trying to end world hunger is impossible; however through their website even small donations can impact someone’s life, specifically the lives of malnourished children. There are many elements that contribute towards creating an effective advertisement; in this scenario, the advertisement grabs the audience’s attention and stands out from its competition by appealing to the viewer’s emotions.
This ad has an interesting and unique way of grabbing the audience’s attention because it is unexpected which makes it more difficult to forget. Normally when looking in a shopping cart, nothing is expected to be inside of it, especially an image of a child begging for food. Seeing this surprises the customer, which makes them curious to see what the advertisement is about. Due to its location, this ad stands out from its competition who has signs at bus stands, billboards, or TV commercials. The colors that are used in the picture are mainly dark brown, grey or black, so it stands out from the shopping cart, which is ...

... middle of paper ... live since many children are dying prematurely due to malnutrition, which weakens their immune system. The image is taken from a birds-eye-view angle to show the viewer how small the children are to increase their sympathy towards the child. Due to the emotional appeal, the viewers want to make a difference in someone’s life, which proves that the ad was effective.
There are many elements when it comes to exploring the effectiveness of an advertisement. After analyzing this ad, it is evident that the originator of this advertisement made an effort to grab the audience’s attention, show the relevance to our society and use emotional appeal to convince the viewer to donate. Overall this ad is a highly effective ad since it is difficult for the viewers to decline the offer to save someone’s life by making a donation and it is unforgettable because of its uniqueness.

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