Advertisements Are Misleading Our Girls Essay

Advertisements Are Misleading Our Girls Essay

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Advertisements are Misleading our Girls
Children are the easiest to persuade with strong messages in advertising; these messages are negatively affecting our children by skewing their ideas of who they are and how to fit into society. The media is controlling them physical and emotionally because children believe what they see. Some of the down sides of advertisements are that they influence children there is nothing more important than their look. They use pretty girls to advertise their junk product which affect young girl’s health. Moreover, they use different media such as phones, internet and other social media to introduce girls to unrealistic body image (sexualized) and violence. These shows that there are many ways advertisements are influencing young girls physically and emotionally. Their body is forced to be a copy of what they see on advertising, weather it is on television, internet, magazines or newspaper. These girls now think it is true to believe that they are not beautiful and special without looking at the people in those commercials. They think that their life is shaped by what everyone is doing. Consequently, advertisements are negatively affecting young girls by making them believe the need to fit in.
One of the many reasons advertisements are negatively affecting young girls is, it is conveying the message that they need to be perfect. Since young girls are more vulnerable, they believe what they see and hear. Many advertisement makes girls feel like they need to look or act a certain way. For example, every movies I have watched with my daughters like Cinderella, Snow white and advertisements by Disney is too much and everywhere. “When one thing is so dominant, then it’s no longer a choice: it’s...

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...cording to their real needs. Young girls now days can 't set foot out of the house without exposure to advertising in every direct of their lives, even if they don 't watch TV, use the Internet, or read fashion magazines. Advertising is everywhere, from grocery stores, ads on the buses, billboards, schools and posters to clothing to shop windows. It is very true that they are indeed negatively affected by advertising and commercialism, even if they don’t believe it. Advertisements more manipulation than guidance and they use wrong images when we are trying to teach our kids the value of self-respect. Advertisers have taken their advertising to the whole new level by forcing advertisement upon people who have no desire to view by using different social Medias. The advertisement messages aimed at young girls is negatively affecting them physically and mentally.


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