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Advertisement For The Candies Foundation Essay

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Some parts of life, such as teenage pregnancy, are generally considered synonymous with people of the lower class. The image being identified and analyzed is an advertisement for The Candies Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide awareness of the “devastating effects of teenage pregnancies”. The advertisement is one of several public service announcements that contain images of celebrities next to eyebrow-raising statistics attempting to persuade teenagers to postpone having children. In this particular public service announcement there is an image of Bristol Palin, the daughter of former vice-president candidate Sarah Palin, holding her son. The black and white image of the mother and son is located to the right of writing that reads, “I never thought I would be a statistic. More than 750,000 teenage girls will become pregnant this year”. The Candies Foundation has their website listen at the bottom of the advertisement and a line of text giving a summary of their mission.
There are many attention-grabbing components of this advertisement, but the most thought provoking aspect is the image of Bristol Palin and her son, Tripp. The image is in black and white, which creates a mood of seriousness and possibly even sadness. The teenaged mother and her son look very depressed in the picture. The mother is wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans and her hair is up and looks unkempt. The son is looking directly into the camera with an extremely serious face while wearing a basic white jumpsuit. This image is incredibly ironic and obviously using socioeconomic stereotypes to target lower class teenage girls. The first thing that catches attention is the image having no color, which makes the mess...

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...hter, there was definitely a lot of negative press given. People not only looked down on Bristol as an irresponsible teenager that has just thrown away her youth, but also on her mother, Sarah, for not keeping a better eye on her daughter to prevent something so horrible from happening. Bristol Palin would never have to look like an average or poor teenager because she is extremely rich and the fact that she is shown as a unkempt young lady provides knowledge that the target audience is young middle to lower class teenage women. It is obvious that this is the target audience because she is dressing like the socioeconomic group in which she is trying to appeal to in the advertisement. It would be very easy for a young woman of the middle or lower class to empathetically see herself in the picture and become sad or motivated to never let that happen to them.

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