Essay about Advertisement And How Brands Has Changed Our Society

Essay about Advertisement And How Brands Has Changed Our Society

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The evolution of Advertisement and how brands have been forced to adapt; Coca cola

Over the the last century, Advertisement has had extremely quick advancements and a huge impact on our society. I will be discussing why brands and other companies advertise and what they are actually doing by producing adverts. Along with this i will be looking into the evolution of advertisements, The history behind them, changes of medium and how they have adapted to keep up with the demands of modern society. I will be looking into Coca-Cola as a case study to see if they fit the model of advertising over the years and whether it has been successful for them.

In one way or another, adverts have been around since human condition. Advertisings key function is to create desires that previously did not exist. Therefore advertising awakens our interests and emotions in favour of goods and more goods, and by that it actually creates the desire it intends to satisfy (Dyer, 1982). It would be said that it is the advertisers task, not to inform the audience, but to persuade them into buying these certain goods. Nicholas Kaldor made an important distinction between the informative and the persuasive elements in advertising. As an example he says XX Ltd spend huge amounts of money each year on advertising, saying ‘XX is good for you’, although this is an effective method to increase the sales of this product, what the informative content of the advertisement actually says is ‘XX Ltd believe that the consumption of their product is beneficial to health’ Regardless of it being a valuable piece of information or not, it’s value is lost as soon as the public are first told of it. Therefore it does not serve the purpose of information, but of persuasion (K...

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... and visit its website to find out more about the brand and what you are going to get if you consume their products.

Over the Last Century Advertising has had to adapt very quickly to the constantly changing market, that the product is trying to target. They have done this by simplifying down from using Copy Based ads to now just leaving the logo in the middle of the page, and we instantly know what this means. This has been aided by the huge impact of technology allowing television and the internet to completely takeover advertising. Coca-Cola as i have shown has been a perfect example of how Brands have had to adapt over the last century to keep up. Starting off with Just text based newspaper adverts to now using targeted advertising online to actually encourage people to interact with their adverts and are a great model for any brand to look at for inspiration.

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