Adversity : A Difficult Situation Or Tragedy Essay

Adversity : A Difficult Situation Or Tragedy Essay

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Adversity: a difficult situation or tragedy
In what ways has adversity touched your life and shaped your view of the future? How do you anticipate “paying it forward” as you pursue your higher education and beyond?
If you were to say you have never faced adversity in your life you are either lying or in denial because no matter how privileged, sheltered or loved you are, you have surely faced some sort of adversity. We face small adversities on a daily basis, but it is the larger, more difficult adversities that change our views of ourselves, our lives and the future.
At the age of 5 years old the adversity that weather I knew it or not at the time would end up shaping my life for the next 13 years came to fruition. My mom, the person that as a 5 year old girl I loved more than anything in the world was diagnosed with a type of cancer in her lungs. Due to my young age, I didn’t know or understand what was really going on. To me, something was obviously wrong but all I knew was that my mom had to be in the hospital for a while. It was hard, I won’t lie. As a first grader, you want nothing more than to run home and tell your mom what happened at school, or to have her hold you when you were upset, I didn’t have that for a few months. Eventually things in my life as a first grader returned to normal. My family was complete again and everyone was home. It never crossed my mind that it could come back until 4 years later when it did. Throughout the next 13 years after the original diagnosis, the cancer has come back 4 times. Now that I am old enough to understand what is wrong, I can honestly say that it isn’t the hospital visits that touch my life the most. Of course when she is in the hospital it is hard but now that I c...

... middle of paper ... feeding of the 5000 or the Denver rescue mission because in my mind as a person it is your duty to help those who can’t help themselves.
Through the adversity that I have faced in my lifetime, I have gained a view of the future that I would not have otherwise. Due to the sickness that has plagiarized my family I have learned to take life as it comes and not waste it because you never know how long you have left. This has inspired me to take action to help those in need and pay forward the kindness that others showed me when my family was in need. As I look towards the future, I know that what a wise man Albert Pine said is true, “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” I want to leave my mark on this world in a positive way, and in my mind there is no better way to do that than paying it forward.

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