Adventures of Sir Victor Crimson Essay

Adventures of Sir Victor Crimson Essay

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Over a two hundred year ago, there was a great knight by the name of Sir Victor Crimson who was a great protector of the land and loyal to his lord. He fought valiantly in the battle against the warrior of the north and the invader from the south that try to take the king’s throne. As an award for his heroism in those battles he was given a sword with a jewel in the hilt which latter would be his downfall to darkness.
One day a mighty dragon had arrived in the kingdom from the north. With the crises on his hands, the king had sent his knights to fight the creature, but they when to slay the beast but they came back a failure. Sir Crimson, being the cunning man that he realizes that the dragon had a magic origin, so it can be only can be defeated by magic. There was a witch that lived in the south forest that practice Chaos magic. Crimson when to see the witch and ask the witch for a way to defeat the dragon.
“What can I help with you, Sir Knight?” the witch asked with a sneer on her face when the knight had entered her home.
“The creature that has been plaguing the land for the past week is immune to all that we had thrown at it. The beast’s thick hide cannot be pierced by normal metal. So it is logical that the beast is the magic origin, so the only item with magic can defeat it. With you being the only magic user for mile, that is why I have come to you, witch” the knight replied
“Ah, the beast has been wrecking the land as of late. To defeat the dragon, I will need your sword, Sir?”
“Why should I give you my sword, witch?” the Sir Crimson demanded.
“To defeat the fire beast you need a sword that will pierce the scaly hide. To be able to do that I will enchant your mighty sword with chaos magic, so you can do that, Sir Knight....

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... fifteen.
Once down the stairs I saw my best friend in all of Rozadon, Cody ‘Codex’ Harrison, standing by the door with his mess short brown hair and his blue eyes and my big brother Percy dressed in his normal outfit of a red shirt and jeans. Codex was dressed in a simply with a navy blue shirt and a black pair of pants with his backpack sling over his shoulder. The reason he got the nickname Codex is that he can creak any code put in front of him.
Then there the best big brother in the world who sitting on the couch near the door. My big brother is fifteen year old and is an inventor. He makes a cool toys or gadgets as he calls them.
“Let go, Jay. We are going to be late.” Codex said with a big goofy smile on his face. I could not help but smile as well. With both of smiling like goofs we ran out the door to our new careers as we wave goodbye to my big brother.

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