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Once upon a time, like how most fairy tales start out, there were two grand kingdoms that was unknown to each other because they were far, far apart. They both decided to throw a party for their newborn child. One was a handsome little boy and one a beautiful small girl. The kingdoms handed out many invitations to family and friends to attend that the kingdoms found out about each other. The kings and queens were angry because the parties were on the same day. The two kingdoms fought and decided to just host one party. King Do wanted his party to be at his palace.
“My palace is bigger than yours and we have all the essential party supplies” his majesty stated proudly.
The other king being offended decided to gather all of his advisors to see what he should say.
“Respects to you, but we have a larger banquet hall and out food is made from the finest chefs in the world.”
King Do looked at King Kuo and decided that fighting wouldn’t really solve anything. He proposed that King Kuo bring all that he can to his palace and the helpers can just do whatever they can to prepare this banquet.
“Why at your palace, why not mine?”, King Kuo asked flustered.
“Well, if you really want to bring out the rulers and measure which place is bigger…My daughter was born first anyways.”
“Nope, doesnt matter” King Do snapped and left the room.
“If he had hair he would flip it in your face. Just be grateful he didn’t”, Queen Do said in an apologetic embarrassed tone.

After three whole years of planning they decided to hold the banquet on the 12th of January. As the light blue balloons danced to the pounding sound of music, guest chattered among themselves and the chefs bringing out the delicate snacks onto the tabl...

... middle of paper ... She stopped jumping and let me fix it. “I wonder if I can cut this and make a mustache.”, I asked her showing her which strand of hair I was talking about. She grabbed it back quickly away from me defensively.
“Dont even think about it.”, she warned me with a cute evil glare. “It’s our turn nextttt. Show them your wrist thingy majiggy.”
I showed the checker it and we sat in the front row of this ride. It’s like a feris wheel, but goes faster and holds rows of people. When the checker came he tightened the seats, then started walking back to start the ride. I think within those few seconds Lily got scared and grabbed my hand. Her hands are always warm even though its January. I was thinking about how much I was actually happy when Im with her. Do I like her? I dont think I can like someone on the first day of meeting, but then again I met her when I was three.

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