The Adventures of Esplandian, by Garci Rodriguez Ordonez De Montalvo Essay

The Adventures of Esplandian, by Garci Rodriguez Ordonez De Montalvo Essay

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Myth… legend or fable? Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a myth as, “A story that was told in an ancient culture to explain a practice, belief, or natural occurrence.” Children, often sit around, listening to their elders speak of myths. These myths have existed throughout American culture for many centuries and will continue for many centuries to come. These myths, legends, and fables provide the elders with enjoyment, as they observe the children, listening so intensely, believing every detail, amazed at the unimaginable adventures told in each story. Myths reflect experience but go beyond limitations. Indeed the children enjoy the excitement of the fantasy a myth creates. As we grow, we need to realize that these myths, tell an imaginary story and only contain a kernel of truth. Myths serve as a mental escape, stories with few actual facts embellished with many fantasy details. Although, used to entertain, these myths can hurt or even destroy the individuals that believe them.
The “California Dream” exists among many generations of immigrants longing for a better life. Nevertheless, what part of the “Dream” proves to be the truth, and what part contain the fantasy embellishments? This “Dream” portrays California as the “the sunshine state,” a place where, “dreams come true with little effort.” The “Dream” illustrates California as “the streets lined with gold pieces for the taking.” This depiction of California contains few actual facts embellished with many fantasy details. By believing the myth of the “California Dream,” many disillusioned immigrants, whether from another state or another country have had their dreams and their lives destroyed. Although many still hold on to the belief in the sunny easy going life in Ca...

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...tails. The myth of the “California Dream” behaves like a used car salesman, promising a top of the line automobile, but selling you a lemon. Caution must be used when describing the “California Dream” to immigrants hoping to settle in our Golden State. The immigrants must know the “Dream” exists as a myth and must know the differences between the few true facts and the details embellished by fantasy. Otherwise, the idea of the “California Dream,” in actuality becomes, over time, what kills California.

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