Essay about Adventure Tourism in Ghettos and Disasters

Essay about Adventure Tourism in Ghettos and Disasters

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Adventure Tourism in Ghettos and Disasters

Adventure tourism, as its name implies, is going to places for thrills and surprises. The typical choices are trekking to natural wonders and visiting extreme sports venues. However, now is the time to think out of the box and try some options which are chosen only by a brave few.

The following choices can make some people cringe or be left in state in shock. However, this is the essence of going into an adventure – to be in a situation where certainty is a scarce commodity. Here we go.

First we have ghetto tourism. This is going to the inner heart of a city, or the ghetto as some call it. This means experiencing the life of people who are in such places. More than just the violent culture that is usually associated with places like these, one will be able to see the ghetto beneath its superficial facade. The ghetto will be seen by the tourist as not just a place where crime takes over, but a place of rich culture, or outward expression, a place where man is more in touch with himself than anywhere else.

Second is disaster tourism. Disaster tourism means going to a place where a catastrophe has occurred. This may be for purposes of curiosity like what most people did in the streets of the Guatemala after the gigantic sinkhole, or for humanitarian intentions like what some people did when the earthquake in Haiti struck.

But then, one must be careful so that he does not become a hindrance in relief efforts instead of being a helping hand. This happens when over-inquisitive tourists become hindrances by getting in the way. Sadly, this has happened many times in the past, so that d...

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...w-cost carriers like JetBlue and Tiger Airways belong the newer breed
of airline companies. They rely mainly on early and full booking to cut
down on costs, which will in turn enable them to sell tickets at a much
lower price, compared to traditional carriers.This is important when
price is a major factor in business decisions, as it will allow a
businessman to go from point A to point B at a very small fraction of the

However, full booking typically translates to a plane having all seats
tagged as coach, so a businessman may be seated beside a crying baby,
a couple on a honeymoon, and the like. Some passengers do not mind
this, but you may. All these can be experienced due to the lack of

To save money, go for low-cost airlines. To protect your sanity, go for
traditional carriers. Choose the one that best suits you.

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