The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn and Starman Jones are two widely praised and condemned novels in American Literature.

The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn and Starman Jones are two widely praised and condemned novels in American Literature.

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Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is one of the most read novels in American literature. The book was written in late 1860’s when the civil war ended. It was a tumultuous tine for America. The segregation Act was passed and racism was on its top. Mark twain mostly wrote the novel to take “a boy of twelve and run him on through life (in the first person)”. (ClifNotes, 10) But slowly the excitement on ran away slaves and starts to fade away from Mark Twain, so he stopped writing the book. But later he picked up his pen to write about a white boy, name Huck Finn and introduced to the world of readers by the line-
“You don’t know about me with out have read a book by the name of the Adventure of Tom Sawyer, but that ain’t no matter.” (Twain, 1)
Then the epic novel continues as Huck joins Tom Sawyer’s pretended gang of robbers and pirates. But story turns as his father Pap Finn comes to the town. Pap, violent and drunk, threatens Huck to quit school but Huck goes to school just to make him angry. Pap becomes furious and kidnaps Huck to a small cabin river in Mississippi. Despite of the comfort of no school or religion, he yearns for freedom from his dad. So he fakes his own murder and ran away to James Island. There he finds Ms. Watson’s slave, Jim, who was hiding in fear that if anyone finds him they will sell him in the slave market. But they soon find out that people are coming to search on James Island for Jim. Jim makes a plan to run away to the Free State, a thought that troubles Huck’s conscious. Even though Huck is a rule breaker, Huck struggle with the concept of Slavery and Jim’s freedom. On the way they met interesting characters like duke and king. Duke and king join their journey but at the end they betrayed t...

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