The Adventure Of Driving Car Essay

The Adventure Of Driving Car Essay

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The adventure of driving a car for the first time is rapidly seizing to exist. We may never get that time with our kids, teaching them the thrill it is to drive. The experience we all remember shall die off with our generation; a sacrifice we have to make to ensure our lives are safer. The self-driving car is still not completely autonomous but significant progress has been made just in the last few years to make a fully self-driving car a reality. The history, mechanics and the future of the car all help lift this to the next level. The changes we would have to fully accept as our lives for once are not in our control but instead our lives are in the control of technology.
Firstly, the history behind the self-driving car is all the trial and error put forth in order to have a safe driving machine. Countless ideas had to be thrown out and reconstructed. The self-driving car is not a new idea, this has been talked about for decades. A car driving itself wasn’t the first idea proposed to change the way we travel, it was quickly learned just how daunting the task at hand will be. Since creating intelligent vehicles is very difficult, initial autonomous proposals centered on specific interstate for maneuvering appropriately readied vehicles on it. More like a railway than artificial intelligence (Weber 8). This idea did not receive the large amount of funding it needed so it was scraped and it was on to the next concept; a car that can drive itself.
Next, many companies begin their work on self-driving cars such as: Google, Tesla, Mercedes-Benze, Nissan and Audi. All these companies except Google and now Tesla are working on cars that are not completely autonomous. It’s more of a car that assists the driver in every way, making the...

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...ence that these cars are able to implement the slowing of the car at a much faster rate than a person would be able to react at a threatening situation, implies these cars are greatly secure versus person operators (Wallach 348).
Lastly, the forthcoming of the self-driving car will transport us to a futurological world that we all dreamt about as kids. These cars could be able to reduce traffic and collisions. Provide a safer and more convenient way to travel. These cars could aid any susceptible people in our civilization, like old people that are unable to operate a vehicle safely (Hosansky 2). Even it could happen to be that our transportation setup will be more like a shared taxi service, where you call for a car and it arrives at your door. No matter what these cars bring with the good or bad it is important to keep innovating and trying to push the boundaries.

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