Adventure Essay: Pip's Adventure

Adventure Essay: Pip's Adventure

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I woke with a start in my tiny, dark dorm room. There was a persistent tapping coming from my window. I leaped out of bed and waved my wand groggily. A few candles on my desk lit up, illuminating the shape of a large, snowy owl. "Gamma!" It was the headmaster's owl. He only left his roost for important matters, and in times like these, it could only be bad news. I threw open the sash and took the heavy envelope from his beak. He alighted on my head and watched as I read,

Dear Miss Shadowcaster,
Something has come up in which I feel your participation would be most fortuitous.
Please come immediately to the Hatchery. And do dress warm dear, there's an awful chill.
Long live the spiral,

Well this was probably from the headmaster, but I figured it could wait till morning. But as I settled back into bed, Gamma dug his talons into my head, and began screeching. "All RIGHT! I'm going!" Darn bird. I had no idea what new madness this would be, so I dressed carefully. Heavy blue cloak, soft leather boots, and my biggest spell deck, with lots of healing spells. I was already wearing my secret amulet. So Gamma and I stole silently down the stairs and out into the commons.
When we entered the hatchery, it was full of people talking in excited, hushed voices. I recognized in growing confusion Mr. Lincoln, Dr. Purreau, Prospector Zeke, Sherlock Bones, Cyrus Drake, Professor Greyrose, Milo Barker, an Undead Warlock, a golem, and a wooden puppet. I put my envelope on the jade table in the center. Everyone fell quiet.

"Ah there you are, Miss Delaney! We have some exciting news for you." Mr. Lincoln looked like he was about to give me the best present ever. The doctor spoke up.

"The council has decided we need a spy to ...

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... minions are lucky to have such a master. All of the citizens of the spiral would thank you for your feat- but you mustn't tell a soul. What would you like as a reward?"
A reward? Maybe this was worth getting out of bed for.

"Sir if I could- I want to keep Pip."
"NOOOO!" Milo Barker cried, "he's worth piles of gold!"
"Oh Milo, you have plenty of pets," said Ambrose chidingly. "Anyway, the young drake seems to have taken a liking to her already. He is yours, Delaney."
"Thank you, headmaster. It was an honor to be chosen. Goodnight, gentlemen. Long live the spiral."
"Long live the spiral!" they chorused.

And with that Pip and I flew to my dorm, crawled into bed, and fell asleep just as the sun came up on a beautiful Saturday in Ravenwood. I didn't know how I was going to explain my fantastic new pet to my friends, but I knew this adventure wasn't over yet.

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