Advantages Of Social Medi A Great Tool Essay

Advantages Of Social Medi A Great Tool Essay

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Advantages of social media
Social media is a great tool that helps us keep up with family and friends across the world, we can stay up to date with events big and small happening across the country. If it is used the right way it can be a powerful tool for businesses it offers ways to make a company known and keep it known. All of us have those times when we are feeling down, and there is always something on social media that can make you smile and put everything into perspective. Furthermore there are so many things that the mainstream media tries to keep from us like how much sugar is really in our drinks, what our food really consists of, and when it’s really necessary to see a doctor.
Often times social media gets a bad reputation for how it impacts relationships. While not always the case, it can actually grow some relationships closer and help us keep in touch, especially if you are someone who travels around the world a lot. You get the opportunity to learn new things about other areas that you may never have a chance of traveling to or learning about, and keeping up with friends and family across the world is great. You get the chance to catch up and occasionally creep up on friends who you haven’t seen in years.When events big and small happen and we are not able to physically be there we can still be part of that event and know about it the second it happens. It offers ways to keep in touch with friends, and family through messages, video calling, photos, posts, and , much more. Moreover, social media meets our very basic need of belonging and hearing from our friends and family makes us feel important and loved. No one wants to be the last one to know about some important or even minor event of interest. As stat...

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... the know. Most of us don’t know how much sugar is in that soda we drank the other day, or how much grams we should be consuming every day. We don’t know if if the sugar in our drinks is real sugar, or artificial sweeteners. The majority of us don’t know when it’s really necessary to see a doctor, and most doctors won’t tell you the natural ways there are for relieving certain diseases. Thanks to social media we know that reducing intake of things such as caffeine, and alcohol can have a significant effect on our sleep. Likewise in the wireless industry a lot of us believe we’re getting a great deal on our new devices, or on our rate plans. Fortunately we have social media which let’s us see the clear picture. We know what other customer think of the service, how there plans compare , and the services they charge us for that competitors offer at no additional cost.

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