Essay about Advantages of Simulation Based Eductation for Nursing

Essay about Advantages of Simulation Based Eductation for Nursing

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Simulated practice has been described as the “activities that mimic the reality of a clinical environment and are designed to demonstrate procedure, decision making and critical thinking through techniques such as role playing and the use of devices such as interactive vidoes of manikins” (Connor, 2014). This study is aimed to explore what is successful and what is not in nursing simulations. In this study it is mentioned human patient simulation is potential for student education in nursing.  In addition, they indicated the importance of human simulation and describe it as a very valuable tool. In another finding, the authors indicate mannequins with the capability of interacting with the student are able to provide with real life scenarios thus allow for critical develop clinically. Interestingly, the researcher emphasized how this simulated mannequin was not used early on in nursing education instead a more traditional format used to be in place ex. Nursing skills taught at the bedside. However, the risk involved with this format of teaching for a new student with minimal clinical experience was potentially the risk of harming a patient. The beauty of simulated mannequins is “For students, there is no fear of harming a living patient.” Pressure to perform quickly and efficiently without mistake is loosened as students may repeat skills as many times as needed. They mentioned how a simulation laboratory is a controlled environment free from distraction and interruption. In addition, 25% their studies cite integration of simulation-based exercises into the curriculum as an essential feature of their effective use. The researchers emphasized and indicate how simulation-based education should not be an extra-ordinary activity, bu...

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...ition, and faster decision-making. Because the simulation is experiential learning what I took home is an objective that are higher levels of creating and evaluating real hospital situations, for example, rather than simply understanding or remembering I end up analyzing the scenario thoroughly in a clinical mind frame.

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