The Advantages Of Police Technology

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Telonia S. Nance The Advantages of Police Technology “How do we really know what happened?”, “Should they have taken that person’s life?”, “Couldn’t they have done something else to handle the situation?” These are the key questions that are connected to the police and the use of deadly force. The answers aren’t undemanding. Where do we start? Attempting to capture evidence about specific incidents involving police officers, additional agencies are considering the completion and feasibility of department-issued body cameras. Chief of Police Jason Parker of Dalton, Georgia stated, “Unlike in-car cameras, body-worn cameras capture everything that happens as officers travel around the scene and interview multiple people. The body-worn cameras have been incredibly useful in accurately preserving information.” I believe body worn cameras can improve the high quality public service, strengthens police performance, accountability, and transparency, and secure evidence documentation because technology has been praised as likely to reveal instances of police misconduct, reform police (and civilian) behavior and build trust between the police and the community, all of which provide strong justifications. Body-worn cameras can help improve the quality service of the public, and promote the authenticity of police department. Deploying body-worn cameras tell us that while cameras are present, the performances of officers are improved as well as the conduct of the community members who are recorded ("Considering Police Body Cameras"). This is an important advance in policing. Body-worn cameras can create a public record that allows the entire community to see what really happened, even if officers do or does not break the law. Police dep... ... middle of paper ... ...d with maintenance, data storage and retrieval, the devices are capable of recording high quality video, even in situations where light is compromised such as in dark, interior spaces or at night (Davis, 2015). In conclusion, a means of holding cops accountable for their actions in the field, and as a way to regain the public’s trust, body cameras have been touted as another check on the use of excessive force and discriminatory policing. In an in class lecture, Tracy Tolson from Francis Marion University Campus Police, suggested that body cameras would be a good idea. Because of the misinterpretation of police officers, she believes that body cameras would separate the good from the bad; it would limit inappropriate activity and support the cops that look out for the well-being of the society (Tolson, Lecture). Dafsdlasdjfk jsdfklj sdkjfaks djkajdf ajsdkj
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