Advantages of Human Computer Interaction Essay

Advantages of Human Computer Interaction Essay

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Computer revolution has brought many changes in the world, changes which encloses all manners and its role. Computers have been logged into every sector whether it is sports, airlines, road cameras, cars, businesses etc. Technology plays an important part in altering our lifestyle.
Advantages of Human Computer Interaction
• Changing Computers: - Internet, PC and web browser were three big inventions of HCI without these three our today would not have been possible. Computers affect our daily routine activity from buying food to paying our bills. Over past few years we had to wait in big cues for the billing but these days its quick and totally time saving. Supermarkets faces have been diverse computers which are known as a POINT of Sale been installed to scan products and automatic totalling which is far better than the older manual billing.
• GUIs to Gestures: - (Harper, 2008) citied when computers first entered into our lives we learned how to interact with computers using keyboard, mouse and desktop. We started with Microsoft excel for calculations, word for document, presentation and virtual desktop through GUIs but GUIs has changed the way of interaction between computer and user. Now, we have spell checker in word which corrects our spelling without our noticing, undo redo options.
• Handset to the world in our hand (Harper, 2008) stated that In past 20-25 years the growth of mobile users has been increased rapidly. Mobile phones are the best mode of communication throughout the world. These days this is not just mobile phone but it has may other advantages such means of entertainment, media etc. The smart phones these days come with many different applications such music player, GPS, news applications, calendars, games etc....

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...ed as permanently stored as digital video.
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