Essay about Advantages Of E Commerce Online Travel Agency

Essay about Advantages Of E Commerce Online Travel Agency

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Advantages of E-Commerce

• Online travel agency: Online travel agencies sell vacations over the Internet. An example of these web agencies would be Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity. The websites allow customers to create or customize vacation, cruises, adventures, hotels packages, etc. Customers can also book travel online without the use of walking into a traditional brick and mortal office and booking with a traditional travel agent.
Traditional brick and mortar and online travel agencies perform these services, which can be described as:
1. Accept commissions to sell domestic and overseas tickets for airlines, hotels, cruises, rental cars, tours, etc., and handle unaccompanied baggage on behalf of travelers.
2. Accept commissions to take charge of formalities for leaving and entering a
country and visa procedures on behalf of travelers.
3. Solicit or receive domestic and overseas tourists, and arrange tours, meals,
and lodging and transportation.
4. Arrange domestic and overseas sightseeing tours, meals and lodging, and
provide all other necessary services on behalf of package tours and self-organized tour groups.
5. Contract A-class travel agencies to solicit services of the kind listed in the
preceding item on behalf of the Consolidated Travel Agency.
6. Contract B-class travel agencies to solicit domestic group tour services of the kind in item 4 on behalf of the Consolidated Travel Agency.
7. Act as agent for overseas travel agencies to conduct services including liaison, promotion operations, price quotations, etc.
8. Design domestic and overseas travel itineraries, arrange tour guides or group leader personnel.
9. Provide domestic and overseas tourism consultant services.
The travel and tourism industry...

... middle of paper ... travel products for (Bowden, 2007).
Since 1999, 75,000 travel agents’ loss jobs in the United States (Marshall, 2009). Many people became home-based travel agents (HBTAs). Suppliers supported them and recognized them as a valuable member in the distribution channel. Compared to traditional travel agencies, the home-based travel agents (HBTAs) can devote more time and energy to building businesses, developing strong client relationships, and focusing on administrative and managerial tasks (Bowden, 2007).
Some home-based travel agents operate independent businesses, and hire employees to work for them; operating the same as a traditional travel agency. However, they are aligned to a host agency (Quinby & Sullivan, 2012). Home-based travel agents specialize in niche markets, such as: cruises, tours, honeymoons, or group travel to receive higher commissions.

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