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Advantages Of Database Management System Essays

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A database management system is a collection of programs that allow users to create and maintain a database. Even though there are numerous advantages for using database management systems, there are a few disadvantages. Such disadvantages include complexity, size, performance, and the associated costs of a database management system. The advantages of a database management system outweigh the disadvantages, but one should understand the disadvantages to ensure they have a complete understanding of the system.
First, database management systems can be very complex and difficult to understand. The designers and the end users must have the necessary skills in order for them to use it properly. The database designers need to have the SQL coding knowledge to properly write the database software. Not only do they have to know SQL coding, they will have to learn the altered version of SQL the database management software might use. The end user will need the understanding of how to run queries, generate reports, and update the database if their security level allows.
In addition to the complexity of the software, the hardware required can be complex. Most modern day database management systems require a mainframe to house the database management software, and numerous terminals for users to use to access the information on the database. Depending on the scope of the database, the amount of terminals needed could be in the hundreds. The networking of this big of a system is very complex, and will require specialized network technicians to install and maintain.
Second, depending on the scope of the database, the size of the database management system has the possibility of being a large software that could require a lot of resources. The...

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...ion developers might need to change existing applications that access the information on the existing file-based system to the new database management system. This change in the application will require additional training for the staff on how to access the data on the database management system.
In conclusion, there are numerous benefits for using a database management system. Even though there are numerous benefits for using database management systems, there are a few disadvantages. The size and complexity of the database management system is one such disadvantage. The initial costs and the costs to maintain the performance of the database management system are the biggest disadvantages. The advantages of a database management system outweigh the disadvantages, but one should understand the disadvantages to ensure they have a complete understanding of the system.

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