The Advantages of Attending Columbia University Essay

The Advantages of Attending Columbia University Essay

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A. Students from all over the world hope to “Dive into the Columbia Blue” (“Explore”).
B. Columbia University is undoubtedly a “dream school” for many students. Students learn and study with all their abilities throughout high school to finally make their dreams come true. This widespread popularity of Columbia University certainly has numerous reasons behind it. For some, it might be just the university’s embodiment of an enormous variety of individuals from all over the world. For others, it might be just the location of the university in New York City.
C. However, for most individuals, the most attractive factor is that Columbia University successfully provides quality experiences for its students in various aspects, especially through Fu Foundation.
D. This presentation will cover several characteristics of Columbia University that make it special and distinct from other universities.
1. There will be an in-depth explanation of the Core Curriculum.
2. Also, the presentation will fully examine academic opportunities in Columbia University.
3. There will be an overview of school life in Columbia, including extracurricular activities.
4. In addition, the presentation will explore Fu Foundation.
5. Lastly, there will be coverage of opportunities for engineering students, such as internships.
A. Columbia University greatly values the Core Curriculum as the foundation of its educational program.
B. According to Columbia University, the Core Curriculum is a collection of diverse courses that touches different areas of knowledge, including music, philosophy, and art. This crucial curriculum applies to all of the students who attend Columbia University (“Frequently”).
C. Columbia University claims that the Core Curri...

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