Advantages Of A Foreign Language Essay

Advantages Of A Foreign Language Essay

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The product of two years of a foreign language class in high school graduates, is less than one student who graduates, fluent in the language they studied (Caplan). Being bilingual has proven to show many advantages that don’t only improve a students educationally life but also how shaped and cultured the person can be in every day life. It has also been proven to show a slower unset of some diseases. It can also strengthen the mind making one able to think more efficiently. If bilingualism is proven to show advantages the school district, parents of students, and students themselves should care about the advantages that bilingualism holds. The public should be educated on all the advantages being bilingual have on the child’s future. Even though a student is required to have at least two years of a foreign language to graduate, I believe students should be required to take a foreign language every year starting at a younger age. For this to happen I believe the school district should be informed and educated on all the benefits of being bilingual has on a student.
In, “Why Bilinguals Are Smarter”, by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit talks about one of the many advantages of being bilingual is that it shows a slower onset of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, “the higher the degree of bilingualism, the later the age of onset” (Bhattacharjee). He talks about a study done by, Tamer Gollan, a neuropsychologist of the University of California, San Diego. He did a study on 44 elderly Spanish-English bilinguals. Gollan measured the level of bilingualism in each subject. The results showed that the higher level of proficiency in two languages showed a lower onset of certain diseases (Bhattacharjee). In the article “The Pow...

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...ilingual. Some researches and parents may argue, how can researches and doctors get into the mind of new born baby to know what they are thinking. While I agree that the research done on new borns can’t be a hundred percent true without error but research down on babies shows that when a well-fed comfortable baby sucking on pacifier, the more they are stimulated to the environment around them (Kluger).
Hopefully, showing all the advantages to being bilingual will start a snowball affect of people learning a second language starting at a young age. With the research of the babies inside the womb will show that starting a child in a second language at a young age will only help the future of America. From a young female student, to her baby inside her womb, to a slower unset of disease. All ages can benefit from knowing a second language but it has to start with one.

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