Advantages and Uses of Biofuels Essay

Advantages and Uses of Biofuels Essay

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According to Dr Andrew Zimmerman Jones, the Definition of energy is:

Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Energy exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms (1)

A simpler definition is:

Energy is the ability to do work and cause change (2)

Renewable vs. non renewable:

The definition of bio fuels:

“Bio fuel is defined as solid, liquid or gaseous fuel obtained from relatively recently lifeless or living biological material and is different from fossil fuels, which are derived from long dead biological material. Also, various plants and plant-derived materials are used for bio fuel manufacturing.” (3)

Therefore, bio fuels, because they can be grown quickly and harvested every growing season are renewable.

Where Bio fuel is found:

In Australia the most common form of bio fuel at the moment is Ethanol. It is produced from sugarcane and most sugarcane in Australia is grown in Queensland. (4)

Ethanol is also produced in large quantities in Br...

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