Essay Advantages And Limitations Of Traditional Project Management Theories

Essay Advantages And Limitations Of Traditional Project Management Theories

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More drawback and limitation of traditional project management theories have been identified in a wide range of academic research, professional practice and international operation. It is necessary to clarify the definitions of key terms such as “classical view” and “insufficient” before comparing and analysing different authors’ views. In this paper, classical view could be defined as a methodology of project management institute (PMI) and international project management association (IPMA); insufficient also could be defined as the lack of effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness. This essay examines previous research to demonstrate different judgements of traditional methods in opposite sides. Maylor’s (2001) analysis and Yu and Chen’s (2013) argument focus on the effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness of traditional project theories. In other words, with changes occurring everywhere such as science, technology, distribution of labour force, and even project objectives, in this situation, it is a problem whether using traditional project methods could solve the challenges brought by the changes. However, Shenhar and Dvir (1995) argue that there might be some unperceived and misunderstood factors in terms of understanding traditional project management methods. This essay will suggest critical analysis of different arguments and potential improvements.

One of the reasons why the traditional methodology has been criticized for becoming insufficient for praxis could be due to the fact of its own limitation of traditional methods. In other words, traditional project management literatures could not meet the requirements of modern projects such as timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency. Specifically, there is a higher level ...

... middle of paper ... are some limitations of traditional views and it should be improved to engage the academic knowledge to the real practice. The main reasons could be classified into three categories, which are internal factors, external factors and outdated teaching materials in universities. In other words, traditional project management literature should be improved in order to meet the new requirements of current project via advanced methodology such as RPM. This paper focus on the specific question, therefore the limitation of this essay is analysis within a narrow and general perspective. Analysis of the specific process of project could be beneficial for further research. Furthermore, improving traditional project management literature and supporting more chances to engage academic knowledge to actual practice are beneficial for both project organisations and individuals.

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