Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

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Due to the increase use of technology by younger generations, educators want to incorporate children 's newfound knowledge into their education. Schools across the nation are investing in newer technology in hopes of engaging students in exciting ways. However, there are many disadvantages to using technology in the classroom and in the end they outweigh the advantages. Technology, while some forms can be useful, is not always needed in a classroom to make it better, in fact it can sometimes be a hindrance to students and especially teachers. With a greater access to the internet and all of its information a big problem arises, cheating becomes much easier. Internet at schools are often filtered, leaving many teachers and students frustrated. Teachers do not know how to effectively use newer technology, if the even know how to use it at all. Lastly, newer technology is expensive and where schools get the money should be of big concern.

Technology allows information to be readily available for students whenever they need it. With all this information effortlessly obtainable, students can take the shortcut and look up the answers, which can be viewed as cheating. Not having to work for answers could lead students to forget the “old ways” of studying; having to actually think and read could become a thing of the past. Shawn, a 26 year old teacher, had a slow class and many students were giving vague answers to his reading assignment. He “found out that only a handful of students had read the chapter while the others had either read the cliffnotes or found a summary online.”, most of the students in his class were determined to go to great universities (Rosen 23). Even the best of students sometimes take the easy way out.

Many sch...

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...seful, like computers, but schools should not be constantly worried about getting the latest technology for their students. Cheating is easier when there is more access to websites, but if too much is blocked then doing work can become a hindrance. Teachers cannot be trained fast enough in current technology and when they finally are, many students find their practices outdated and boring. Technology is expensive and many schools do not make plans that use the technology to their full potential; if they have a plan at all. Many schools want to become more technologically friendly. There is a correct way to do this and a wrong way. Unfortunately sometimes schools do it the wrong way. They think that all they have to do is provide the technology and things will work out, but a lot of work needs to go into the planning of using different technologies to engage students.

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