Advantages and Disadvantages of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Essay examples

Advantages and Disadvantages of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Essay examples

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In this essay I will be discussing Service Oriented Architecture. As part of that I will write about the terms Web Service, Service Oriented Architecture and SOAP. I will list some advantages and disadvantages of SOA as well as the technology involved in using SOA and the standard syntax and operation employed in such a system. I will close this essay by writing about a company that could take advantage of the Service Oriented Architecture.
Web Services

The World Wide Web Consortium is the main international criteria organization for the World Wide Web. They set the standard for web mark-up languages and web services worldwide. W3C describe web services as a means for two electronic devices to communication via interpolating software applications. These services can be running on a diverse range of networks and frameworks. You can convert your applications into web-applications using common web services. Web services are found many places throughout the internet. Web services communicate using common web protocols such as JSON, REST and SOAP. They are created to be self-describing and easily readable. These protocols adhere to common programing practices and as a result; reduces the need for documentation and have a gentle learning curve. Web services are generally targeted by other applications and not by humans.
An example of a web service protocol would be SOAP. SOAP uses XML and HTTP. Extensible Mark-up Language is a language used widely in web services such as SOAP. It provides a language that can be used widely between different frameworks, platforms and languages yet still capable of representing complicated data structures. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a request-response protocol used for data communicat...

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...tomer will use it to select flights, hotels, car rental and tours.
When the customer goes to the travel agents website, the customer is presented with a form to fill with the necessary data such as destination and preferred price. When the customer is finished, he/she submits the data to the travel agent’s client. The travel agent‘s client uses SOAP to send request operations to each web service. These SOAP operations are sent using the HTTP web protocol. Each web service sends back a response which is decoded at the client and displayed to the customer so that he/she can choose the option best suited to him/her.


A typical internet users probably interacts with web services many times a day. Many online services rely upon SOA. With the many advantages SOA provides it is becoming a serious option for many online web applications now and in the future.

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