Essay about Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Schools

Essay about Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Schools

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The recently enforced government in Norway are determined to strengthen the position of private schools in the Norwegian society. Independent schools are already common in England and have statistically shown to achieve better results than state schools. Knowing these statistics, parents in England still prefer state schools to private schools; the same situation is seen in Norway, numerous parents are sceptical to the idea of private school. Why are many people negative to self-governed schools? This article will be taking a non-biased view on the advantages and disadvantages of private schools, by viewing the differences between the private and public schooling system.

Public and private schools have both been active for many years. Nevertheless, it was the church that founded private schools in the genesis, thus anyone who attended these schools at the time were seen as fortunate and wealthy.(Wikipedia, 2013) Today, all children between the age of 5 and 16 in England are entitled to free education in a state school (i.e. educational centres that are run by the government, funded by the national taxes, and entitled to educate students according to the national curriculum). (, 2013) Moreover, private schools are also common. These schools are funded through admission fees, tuition fees etcetera, and are free to teach the children what they want and however they want without following any specific criteria. Private schools are also known for their high-qualified teachers, staff, and students. Their selection of students through entrance exams results in fewer students, smaller classes and more attention for each student. This might be the main reason independent schools are expensive, however students attending these schoo...

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...ks in life”. In opposition to this, children in private schools tend to be moulded into the sophisticated society they live in. Their view on life and others may become narrow minded as a result. Considering the same private school educated getting the better job purely based on their schooling background might be considered as an ethical issue. This leaves the people raised in a governing school system in an injustice situation where they, as Sir John Mayor said, are "locked under the circumstances they were born within”.

As a final conclusion, is it necessary for the people of Norway to be worried of more strengthened private schools in the area? After the research I have conducted, private schools seem more or less great – for those who attend it. However, at the end of the day it will most likely leave our rich, but delicate nation into a class-divided society.

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