The Advancements of Nanotechnology Essay

The Advancements of Nanotechnology Essay

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When looking upon the last few decades, it is quite apparent that there have been many spectacular advances in the countless branches of science and technology. If one tries to look for a general pattern for this growth, it is noticeable that as a race, humans are struggling to decrease the size of items, while maintaining or increasing its capabilities. This trend can be seen in almost all sorts of technologies. When it was first created the vacuum was horse-drawn and petrol-driven. Now, a vacuum of the same power can fit in closets and be run on electricity. Computers have also followed the same trend. The first computer took up the space of a large room and today a computer of the same computing power, in fact more computing power, can fit in a bag. Although these achievements are nothing short of spectacular they do not signify the end in progress. Indeed, there is a branch of Science and technology that is known as nanotechnology, which deals with items less than 100nm in size. This report, will attempt to briefly illustrate the advancements in nanotechnology as well as briefly discuss the applications of this branch of technology.
To truly fathom the awe-inspiring nature of this branch of science and technology it is important to realize how big a nanometer is. Saxl states: "Nanotechnology originates from the Greek word meaning "dwarf". A nanometer is one billionth of a metre, which is tiny, only the
length of ten hydrogen atoms, or about one hundred thousandth of the width of a hair! However, as is the law of nature, to gain, sacrifice has to be made. Nanotechnology is undoubtedly the most complicated field of technology. This is because as the devices become smaller and smaller, to the extent of being molec...

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... networking and communications are only some of the countless fields that will most definitely benefit from the developments in nanotechnologies. As for the ethical issue surrounding nanotechnologies, whether or not a technology is evil is based solely upon how it will be used.

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