The Advancement Of Spartan Women Essay

The Advancement Of Spartan Women Essay

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The Advancement of Spartan Women
Spartan women were considered fundamentally more advanced than other women of Athens, due to the way that Spartan women were reared. Spartan women were treated equally to men, and given freedom like the men were. They were given the opportunity to train with men, and were even slightly more educated than their male cohorts. Spartan women were exceptionally more advanced than other women during this age due to these factors, and are a great example of strong women within past civilizations.
The law of Sparta was written and developed by Lycurgus (Blundell). Lycurgus was a famous law maker of the Spartan culture and he is credited with founding many of Spartan institutions and militant reforms (Blundell). One of the laws Lycurgus is very well known for is the law of the military academy Agoge (Blundell). Agoge was the military academy for young men, where young Spartan men received their intense training and education (Blundell). Lycurgus created these laws for men, but he created laws about women that were very unique for the time. Lycurgus created laws with the ideas that Spartan women could live freer lives compared to those of other Greek societies (Blundell). Lycurgas saw women as a driving force of maintaining a powerful civilization, and by giving women these freedoms, ensured that Sparta would be disciplined, dominant, and a dangerous military power (Blundell).
It is important to recognize that the Spartans were raised very differently than the surrounding Greek city-states. Children that were raised in the Spartan culture, were raised to be soldiers and loyal to Sparta, regardless of gender. Young boys and girls were reared at a young age to be military soldiers, and pledge loyalty only...

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...ot married. Since Spartan women were married off around the ages eighteen to twenty, they were at an age were having children becomes an easier and more natural task (Powell).
Spartan women were stronger and more advanced than many of the women in the surrounding Greek city-states. This can be attributed to many factors within the Spartan society, and how they treated women. Spartan women were more affluent, because they were treated as equals, and were taught that being a woman is something they should be proud of. Women in the surrounding civilizations were treated like second class citizens, they were shunned by society. Spartan women were taught to be educated, be strong, and have their own opinions on life. Spartan women are a great historic example of how equality and giving all freedom regardless of gender can help aid your civilization to great dominance.

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